Sunday, November 14, 2010

History of the Jennie M. Carter

Jennie M. Carter ~ Painted from a
photo dated April 13, 1894
Salisbury Beach, like many coastal towns along the shores of Massachusetts, was the site of a tragic shipwreck. The Jennie M. Carter, a three-masted schooner en route from Rockland, ME to NY with a cargo of heavy stone encountered a nor'easter in April 1894 and became lost in violent seas.  After losing a rudder and foretop mast in Ipswich, it forged on before running aground a few days later in Salisbury.

The Carter was built in Newton, MD in 1874. She had a gross tonnage of 296.22, length of 130', breadth of 35' and depth of 10'.


  1. If it lost its rudder & foretop in Ipswich, en route from Maine to NYC, I'm not sure how it can be said the ship 'forged on' to Salisbury, since Salisbury is north of Ipswich with the entire length of Plum Island between them.

  2. I believe my great-grandfather, Isaac Lawrence, was a crew member on this ship.

  3. Another very large piece, @30 to 40 feet long, @8 foot across. All wooden pegs, two of which are standing out. Salisbury Beach, MA near Access #7. Very interesting and not either of the photos that have been posted recently in the Salisbury News.
    Wish I could post photos of it!~